Is GRASPe for me?

Do you believe in acting instead of thinking?

Are you developing or selling an App or an application, but do you think there’s always room for improvement? Is your application used by a specific target group or in a specific situation, with a specific goal? (e.g. people with a mental impairment, people going on vacation, freelancers who do their own administration) Are you ready to gain insight in what your users really think of your product?
Then GRASPe can be of value to you!

Why choose GRASPe?

GRASPe believes in AGILe:

Starting small and repeat saves time and money


Practical research with a twist

GRASPe is interested in the GENUINe:

Listening to real people is more valuable than numbers alone

GRASPe keeps it SIMPLe:

Making things effortless is what it’s about


What GRASPe does

GRASPE provides practical people research tailored to your needs.

I will sit next to your user to see what happens, what goes wrong and how to improve. Your user is perfectly capable of showing the glitches in the application, even if he himself is not aware of it. I can translate this to improve the application. Because a product should fit the user. Not the other way around.

What GRASPe promises

After research by GRASPe:

- you know exactly who your user is
- these insights are applied to your product
- your product will fit with your user
- your users will be aware that you’re listening to them
- your product will be easier to use
- and will therefore be easier to sell
- you know how to continue improving